JBMS Announcements and Rotation 2/24/20 - 2/28/20

Welcome Back!  We hope that you had a great vacation week.

Rotation: Monday 2/24 - Day E, Tuesday 2/25 - Day F, Wednesday 2/26 - Day G, Thursday 2/27 - A, Friday 2/28 - Day B

2/26- School Banking Day

There is no Acceptance Club this week.

Sign up for the boys and girls 3 on 3 basketball tournament today!  Winners receive t-shirts and the 8th grade winners will get their names engraved on a plaque.  Cost is $3.00 per team.  Sign up outside the boys locker room.  See Mr. Sigda for details.  The tournament will beginn with 7th grade boys on March 9th.